Why Talk to Us About Abortion?


Abortion is a serious pregnancy decision. It’s a serious medical procedure that comes with risks you may want to know more about.

Abortion risks can potentially be life-threatening, and women deserve to be empowered with all the facts to make a confident decision for their future and health.    

Understand How Abortion Works

An abortion has both physical and mental health effects on a woman. Many times women are unaware of the health effects of an abortion until it’s too late. 

If a woman chooses to abort her pregnancy, she should be able to make an informed decision that considers all aspects, including her health and safety.

Possible physical abortion risks may vary. However, some common risks may include:

  • Infection
  • Hemorrhaging (profuse bleeding)
  • Long-termcomplications including chronic pain and infertility

You deserve to understand the facts about abortion, and our team is here to inform you about all your options. Contact us to learn more.

What to Know Before Abortion 

If you’ve had a positive pregnancy test and are planning to abort, you should still get an ultrasound. There is always a chance your pregnancy may not be viable. Before an abortion, you will want to know the answer to three questions:

  • Is there a heartbeat?
  • How far along am I?
  • Where is the pregnancy located – inside of the uterus, or outside of the uterus?

To determine your next step in your pregnancy journey, it’s essential to confirm your pregnancy with both a lab-quality pregnancy test and an ultrasound. We offer both of these services at no cost to you. An ultrasound can alert you to any possible pregnancy complications as well. 

Continuing Support

Our caring team is here for you with non-judgmental support. We offer evidence-based education on all your options. Schedule an appointment with us today to talk more about abortion and what’s next for you. Post-abortive emotional support is also available.