Are you considering adoption?

Adoption may be the best option for you if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy. Especially if you know that you can’t parent at this time, but are uncomfortable with the idea of abortion and the potential health risks and side effects associated with abortion.

There have been a lot of changes in the adoption process in the last 10 years, and thankfully those changes have made it better for the birth mom. 

You’re in control

The biggest change is that you, as the birth mom, get to control the adoption process. That means that you get to choose the family that will raise your child and how much contact you want to have with the family and your child.

What’s more, most adoptive parents now don’t try to keep the adoption a secret but openly share about their adoption and encourage the birth mom to be involved.

Thanks to current laws, you can be sure that the family you ultimately choose has gone through careful background screenings to make sure they are fully able and equipped to provide a safe and loving home for your child.

The support you need

During your pregnancy, adoption process, and beyond, you will get the physical and emotional support you need. Most adoption agencies provide help or guidance with prenatal care and sometimes also provide counseling for you, both during pregnancy and after the process. There are also many support groups now available, with gatherings and social media groups dedicated to birth moms and their needs. This support comes from other birth moms who have gone through the process and now help other moms who have placed their child.

This process is not an easy decision or option, but sometimes it’s the best and most loving option for your child.

If you are considering adoption please call us to request an appointment with us. Our staff at Options Medical Clinic can listen to your thoughts and fears and provide you with all the information you need.