While you may be looking for the obvious signs of pregnancy, such as a missed period, there are other symptoms of early pregnancy you may have not considered. Women often jump to the conclusion that a missed period or morning sickness positively means pregnancy. However, alternative symptoms can indicate pregnancy before you experience morning sickness or miss an expected period.

Food Sensitivity
With or without morning sickness, you may begin having poor reactions to your favorite foods which you’ve never had a problem with before. Women often say a heightened sense of smell is one of their first signs of pregnancy, and sometimes women develop a weird taste in their mouth they cannot remove. Common foods you eat everyday could smell different or make you feel ill. Nausea may result from food sensitivity, but nausea may come about on its own as a sign of pregnancy, with or without vomiting.

Period Symptoms
Some women experience abdominal bloating, slight bleeding or spotting with their period, but these period-like symptoms can be a sign of pregnancy. You may experience cramping or some blood earlier than your expected period, which can be a sign that the fertilized egg is starting to attach to the uterus. Hormone changes that normally make you emotional during your period can occur during early pregnancy as well. These symptoms can be confused with an irregular period, but cramping, bloating, slight bleeding, or mood swings may be associated with early pregnancy instead.

If you weren’t a napper before and all of a sudden you feel the need to nap in the middle of the day, this may be a sign of pregnancy. A difference in your normal energy level can hint at pregnancy, but fortunately, you’ll have a boost of energy going into your second trimester if you are pregnant. To combat fatigue, try going to bed earlier or indulging in a nap when needed.

High Body Temperature
Not to be confused with a fever or the common cold, a higher body temperature can be a sign of early pregnancy. Women experiencing this symptom often feel like they are sweating for no reason, and these hot flashes seem inconsistent and unpredictable.

Frequent Urination
Although you may always be the one asking to stop every hour of a road trip to use the bathroom, frequent urination or the increased urge to urinate can be a sign of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your kidneys have more urine to process and the size of your uterus increases, putting pressure on your bladder. Some women may believe they have a bladder infection rather than symptoms of early pregnancy, so it is best to check with your doctor if you are unsure. It can get annoying constantly getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, but continue to drink fluids and begin drinking extra fluids to stay hydrated.

Body Aches and Changes
Headaches and backaches are often associated with early pregnancy, as well as tender or swollen breasts. In the early weeks of pregnancy, nipples may be more tender to touch with the area around the nipple becoming bigger and darker; the breasts may appear fuller and be more sensitive.

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