Am I ready to be a parent?

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may be thinking about parenting but feel overwhelmed at the idea of raising a child. 

Did you know though that every new parent feels overwhelmed, whether they’re in a stable relationship or whether they are facing the prospect of single-parenting? That’s because parenting is challenging and can be tough at times.

But here’s the good news! The best way to overcome that overwhelmed feeling is to have a good support group, those who have been in your shoes before, but now have the experience to help you. A community of people that not only want to help you through your pregnancy and childbirth, but will be there for you after the baby is born, helping you become a strong and loving mom. This type of support not only helps you as a mom, but also helps you pursue your dreams and build a new life for you and your child.

We’re here to help

At Options Medical, we know all the fears and hesitation you can feel during pregnancy and as a new mom, that’s why we’re here to help you. Our team is more than just medical professionals and staff, we’re your community, not just during your pregnancy journey but also as you raise your child. 

Option Medical’s Parenting Programs can give you all the info you need about how to care for your pregnancy, prepare for childbirth, and care for your newborn. But even more than providing this information and training, we are your support group. The community that will be there for you and cheer you on as milestones are celebrated in your child’s life. That’s why our Parenting Program continues until your child’s 2nd birthday, giving you the help and support you need to be a successful mom and woman.

Countless women in your community have faced unplanned pregnancies, successfully parented, and built a future for themselves and their child. We believe you can do the same.

Contact us to request an appointment to discuss how we can help and the support we can provide you during your parenting journey.