What If I Am Not Ready?

When you search online you will find many sites that may help you organize your thoughts on how to move forward:

  • What to think about upon learning you are pregnant.
  • What to know about pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Your options.

You will also find stories from women that are, or have been, in the same situation as you, your girlfriend, or your friend:

  • “I have no one to talk to. I’ve spent countless numbers of nights crying over the fact that I’m going to be 20 when I have my baby…”
  • “I was 19, working full time in a great job I loved…”
  • “I wasn’t ready to have a baby. Most definitely. But when I got further along, I got more excited about it…”

There are also professionals to speak with to help you to calm those feelings of not being ready to raise a child.

Do not let the feelings of anxiety and fear of what others will think or feelings of inadequacy determine your path with your unborn baby. It is your life and it is your body and it is your future. Not someone else’s. Do a thorough research and then talk to someone about it. When we put thoughts into words sometimes they make more sense to the ears. As you consider your options, remember, you do not have to decide alone. We are here to help you through this scary and exciting time in your life. Call us at 770.924.0864 or visit our website at/for additional information.