Signs of Grief after an Abortion

It’s not uncommon to feel emotional or psychological distress after making the decision to have an abortion. For some, the effects of grief might be felt right away. For others, signs of grief, depression or post-traumatic stress after an abortion may not show up for months or even years later.
Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS), or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can happen to you and it is not uncommon. Know the signs of what to look for so that you can tackle this distress before it spins into an even darker emotional place.
Some of the signs:
•    Unable to mentally get back into your daily routine.
•    Having trouble expressing the emotions you are feeling.
•    Feeling emotionally numb.
•    Severe depression and thoughts of suicide.
•    Low self-esteem.
•    Unexplained and/or uncontrollable crying.
•    Lack of motivation.
•    An urge to be pregnant again.
•    Anxiety about future pregnancies.
•    Development of eating disorders.
•    Drug or alcohol abuse.
Does this sound like you or someone you know? These are all possible signs of post-abortion grief, and even Post-Abortion Syndrome. With the right counseling and support, you can experience healing from PAS or PTSD. Options Medical Clinic has staff and resources available to help you through this hard time and to allow you to get back to living a happy and healthy life. Do not hesitate to contact us day or night. We’re here for you.