Self-Empowerment as a Pregnant Teenager


Although nearly half a million children are born to teenage mothers every year, there can still be a negativity associated with being a young mother. Anticipating the judgment of others is a big source of anxiety for many young women. In fact, “What will people say about me?” is a common question we hear at Options Medical Clinic Clinic.

What to Expect from Your School

The best thing you can do for your unborn child is to continue your education. Pregnant high schoolers in the United States are not only encouraged to continue to attend class but in fact, there are laws that prevent schools from discriminating against students because of a pregnancy. Some schools even have specific protocols that help students who may feel as if they are a victim of pregnancy discrimination.

If you have questions or are worried about what to expect, talk to your guidance counselor. Part of their job is to ensure you have all the resources you need to have a healthy pregnancy and a successful education.

Educate Your Peers

Many times, peers your own age will make comments or ask questions that can seem insensitive or purposefully hurtful. However, it’s important to remember that many students your age do not have experience in this situation. Often, these questions and comments come from a place of curiosity or ignorance.

Understand that you may actually be a resource for these students. You have a wealth of information that your peers just do not comprehend at this time. Have basic information ready to share – you may be surprised at how supportive your fellow students will be once they can empathize.

Turn To Your Parents

Even if your parents were initially angry or disappointed by your pregnancy, most young women underestimate just how supportive their family will be. Talk to your parents about your stressors.

Call the No Judgment Zone

If you need someone to talk to that is not only unbiased but a professional, Options Medical Clinic is available to support women and provide guidance without judgment. Contact us any time through text, phone call (770.924.0864), or email.

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