I’ve Already Had an Abortion and Don’t Want Another One. What Are My Options?

How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

Many times women that have had an abortion choose not to undergo another one. A woman’s reasons for not wanting another abortion are personal, but can include the adverse effects she experienced after her first abortion, either emotional or physical.

If you have already had an abortion and are experiencing another unexpected pregnancy, but you do not want to put yourself through another one, learn about your other options to make an informed decision.


Adoption has changed significantly over the years and has become an option filled with many choices for the birth mother. Today you can choose to be involved with your child even after you place them for adoption. There are three types of adoption:

  • Open adoption: When choosing open adoption, the birth mother can select the parents she thinks would be best for raising her child. She can meet with them before the baby is born, to be certain. The birth mother and the adoptive parents will work together to form a plan for communication as the child grows. Some families choose to have regular in-person contact, while others prefer to have an occasional phone call or to share photos occasionally. You get to choose the level of communication that makes you most comfortable. 
  • Semi-open adoption: In a semi-open adoption, communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family still takes place, but it occurs through a third party. Usually, the adoption agency or an adoption attorney acts as the third party. All identifying information remains confidential, though the birth mother can choose to share her health history with the family. 
  • Closed adoption: This form of adoption provides the most privacy. In a closed adoption, the birth mother and the adoptive family have no contact. All personal information is sealed and remains confidential. 


The thought of parenting often seems intimidating for women, whether they planned their pregnancy or not. The reality is that this option is challenging and requires a lot of strength, but it also can be one of the most rewarding aspects of life. 

Many questions surround this choice. Will I be a good mother? How will I support my child? Can I still accomplish my goals? Take the time to write down your questions, so you can get answers. 

If you choose to parent your child, there are many programs in place to offer you support. Community resources available can include:

  • Education and parenting classes
  • Material Goods
  • Financial support

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