I’m Pregnant. Now What? Is Abortion My Only Option?

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You recently took a pregnancy test. The result? Positive.

This result might bring excitement to some, but for others it can come with many questions, fears, and doubts. These can be normal for any woman when she finds out she’s pregnant, but perhaps especially when the pregnancy wasn’t planned.

Maybe you’ve wondered if you’d be a good parent. If you’ll be able to juggle school/work and parenting? If your parents and others will support you?

Perhaps you’ve thought this isn’t the right time to start a family, thinking, “I can barely take care of myself right now; could I really take care of someone else?”

Or maybe people have suggested abortion as an option, but you’re not sure that’s what you want to do.

Here at Options Medical Clinic, we would love to explore these questions with you and help you tackle some of these fears. Let’s first talk about some of your options.

Option 1: Parenting

Parenting might seem like a challenging choice, and it is. But parenting can also be a rewarding experience. Many parents find that parenting is one of the most fulfilling aspects of their lives.

Here are some statements to consider when choosing parenting:

  • You could have the joy of being a parent.
  • You would get to see your child grow up.
  • Your family would grow through generations.
  • You might need to coordinate with the baby’s father if he wants to be involved.
  • You might need to be flexible with your goals for your education or career to provide for your child’s immediate needs.
  • You would have full-time responsibility for your child.

If you think parenting might be the right option for you, look into what resources might be available to you within your community. This might include parenting classes or material support which Options Medical Clinic would be happy to provide you with.

We offer a seamless transition from pregnancy test, ultrasound, and discussing your options to connecting you with a mentor, parenting classes, and our community resource person if you need/want that as well. You don’t have to take the parenting journey alone.

Option 2: Adoption

Maybe you’ve given parenting some thought, and now really isn’t the right time for you to parent, but you’d like to give your child a loving family.

You may be wondering about some of the following: Where do I start?  Will I be able to have contact with my child?  Watch him or her grow up?  Can I pick the family?

These are all excellent questions that we would love to help answer. Some statements to consider when choosing adoption:

  • You have the freedom to choose when you become a parent (i.e. not right now, but maybe later).
  •  If you choose adoption, you will know how your child is growing and developing (open and semi-open adoptions).
  •  You can choose the family you want your child to have.
  •  You don’t have to terminate your pregnancy.
  •  You might feel grief after the adoption is finalized.

Option 3: Abortion

Abortion might have crossed your mind as well. You may even have thought that abortion was your only option. Some things to consider when weighing this option:

Need Support?

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