I Don’t Want Another Abortion

Don’t want another abortion

Many women report feeling relieved immediately following their abortion, but in the weeks, months, or years afterward, they begin feeling grief and a sense of loss.

If you’ve had one or more abortions and are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you don’t have to have another one. You have options. Let’s take a look at how Options Medical Clinic can assist you.

Would You Like to Have a No-Judgement Conversation?

The Patient Advocates at Options Medical Clinic understand that every situation is unique, just like every person. Often, women facing an unplanned pregnancy have no one to turn to, and fear someone will judge them if they share. When you need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on, we’re here.

Meet an Advocate privately and share your experience and current situation. We will help you find a solution. Text us at 770-874-2031 to schedule a no-cost appointment.

What Are My Options?

There are many reasons why women may feel that their only option for an unexpected pregnancy is abortion. Perhaps they fear they don’t have enough financial support, or that their relationship with their partner isn’t stable.

The following are two valid options to consider. They may seem impossible at first, but read about the support you could receive with each. If you decide to carry your pregnancy to term, we can help you with one of these choices.

Making an Adoption Plan

Myths and misunderstandings surround adoption. It is a difficult choice to make, but when you do not want an abortion and don’t feel able to parent, placing your child for adoption could be the answer.

Today, the adoption process is more focused on the needs of the expectant woman or birth mother. You choose the couple who will raise your child and, as a result, and as a result, get to play a pivotal role in the direction of your child’s future.

Would you like your child to grow up on a farm or live in the big city? Do you want them to be the oldest or have immediate siblings? By selecting their adoptive family, you shape the direction of their life.

If you want to continue contact with your child and their adoptive family, choose an open or semi-open plan. In Georgia, you and the adoptive parents can sign a post-adoption contact agreement that states how and when you want contact.

Placing your child for adoption costs you nothing. Your adoption specialist can often see that you receive no-cost medical and legal services.

Choosing to Parent

Parenthood is both challenging and wonderful. No one is ever completely ready for parenting when the time comes, but with love and determination, successful parenting is possible.

With the help of one of our Client Mentors, we can help you develop a parenting plan. We become a part of your parenting community, even through your child’s second birthday.

Our Mentors teach you how to care for your newborn and provide material support to get you started on a firm foundation. We’ll give you a free Verification of Pregnancy document as proof to your partner, school, or employer that you are pregnant.

You will learn valuable parenting skills through our free Parenting Programs. As you raise your child, we will be right by your side.

Set Up a No-Cost Appointment

We encourage you to request a free and confidential appointment if you want to explore these options. Or you can call us at 770-924-0864 or text us at 770-874-2031.

We are not affiliated with any adoption agency and cannot place your child for adoption, but we can offer you excellent referrals. If you want to consider parenting, schedule a time to discuss our program and how we can assist you. We’re here for you.