My Girlfriend May Be Pregnant. What Do I Do?

As a teenager or young adult, an unplanned pregnancy can make you feel as if you have nowhere to turn. Which is why Options Medical Clinic is available to help you through what you may consider a challenging time. While you gather your thoughts to deal with this major life event, consider the following to remain supportive for your girlfriend:

1. Talk with your girlfriend about the pregnancy.

Both of you are going through an emotional time. While it may be your first instinct to seclude yourself, you should both support each other and be there for each other the best you can. Sit down and have an open discussion with your girlfriend so that you’re aware of each others feelings. Honesty and openness is the key to knowing where the other stands and how you can both best move forward with the pregnancy.

2. Don’t disappear.

It may feel easy to distance yourself, but this may leave your girlfriend to deal with the pregnancy on her own. This is a situation that both of you entered into together. You should continue to support one another.

3. Stay engaged.

There are going to be a lot of decisions to be made and you need to be involved. Pregnancy is a life event for both the mother and father, so make sure that both you and your girlfriend’s questions and concerns are being addressed and answered. No one wants to feel like they are being forced to do something they are uncomfortable with or that their voice isn’t being heard.

4. Know your options.

Here at Options Medical Clinic, we strive to make sure you and your partner are as informed as possible about your options when dealing with a pregnancy. Counseling and guidance to help you make the right decisions are available, free of charge. Whether you decide to parent, explore adoption or choose an alternative, we are here to help you through this next step in your life.

Contact us to make an appointment for you and your girlfriend to learn more about your baby that’s on the way. We offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds.