Dos and Don’ts For A Clearer Path to Pregnancy


Being pregnant is an exciting time, but soon after you see the positive sign on that little stick, your instant excitement may turn to nerves. The path to a healthy baby may seem overwhelming, but not to worry! Here are a few dos and don’ts to assist in a smooth pregnancy before your first OB/GYN appointment.
DO: Eat Smart
The first few weeks of your pregnancy are some of the most impactful to your baby as they begin to develop their organs, muscles, and bones; that said this can also be one of the most confusing times. If you do not do so already, you should make sure to incorporate 60-100 grams of protein, 1,000 milligrams of calcium, 6 servings of fruits and vegetables, and at least 400 micrograms of folate, or folic acid into your diet each day.
Also, it is important to take prenatal vitamins to make sure that your baby receives the nutrients he/she needs. Options Medical Clinic can provide you vitamins free of charge after your first visit.
DO: Get Active
Doctors encourage 30 minutes of non-strenuous movement including walking, swimming and cycling at least three to four times a week. Small amounts of exercise can control weight gain, keep muscles toned, and help prevent prenatal conception and premature birth.
DO: Protect Your Gums
Make sure to brush twice a day, floss and use alcohol-free mouthwash regularly. Your gums are incredibly prone to increased plaque buildup as your body releases more hormones while pregnant. This plaque may leave you at an increased risk for gum disease, resulting in health complications.
DON’T: Use Drugs or Alcohol
While this may seem obvious, prescription and over-the-counter drugs may not be as clear. Make sure to contact your doctor about any over-the-counter drugs and prescription medications that you have previously taken as you may need to stop using them while pregnant.
DON’T: Change your Cat’s litter box
Yes, the rumors are true. Changing your cat’s litter may leave you exposed to a parasite found in cat feces that could leave your baby more susceptible to vision, hearing, and brain complications. Wearing gloves when gardening may also be advisable due to potential feces from neighborhood cats.
DO: Plan Ahead
Check out your local community for affordable resources to help with your new baby. Seeds Thrift Store, affiliated with Options Medical Clinic, may be a valuable resource to you with a combination of gently used and brand new items such as maternity clothes, cribs, strollers, nursery décor, and more. The best part is the affordable prices! In addition, Options Medical Clinic’s Earn While You Learn parenting program allows you to earn diapers and wipes in the months prior to your baby’s birth, as well as empowering you with knowledge. An added bonus: participation in the Earn While You Learn program gets you 50% off at Seeds Thrift Store! It’s free to participate and can only serve to benefit you as you embark on this journey of parenthood!

Options Medical Clinic is here to help with the planning process and has extensive educational resources for you to take advantage of, free of charge. Contact us to schedule an appointment.