Can My Negative Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

In short, yes. It is possible for you to receive a negative result from a home pregnancy test when you’re actually pregnant. You might have a false negative if you:

  • Check results too soon. There are different instructions on every home pregnancy test. Be sure to wait the allotted time on the package.
  • Use diluted urine. To receive the most accurate results, you don’t want to take the test after drinking large quantities of liquids. This could dilute your urine and affect your test results.
  • Take the test late in the day. You’ll be able to detect your pregnancy sooner by taking your test first thing in the morning. This is because HCG, the pregnancy hormone, reaches a higher level in your urine early in the morning.
  • Take the test too early. Pregnancy tests measure the levels of HCG in your urine. If you take the test too early after a missed period, the HCG levels may not be high enough yet to detect and it can read as a false negative. There is a chance that you got pregnant later than you think due to when you ovulated. In this case, you’ll need to take the test again a week later.
  • Have a defective pregnancy test. Tests can expire or be defective like any other item on the market. This results in the HCG not being detected accurately. Consider the brand and the expiration date, and retest if you feel results are wrong.
  • Take certain medications. Some diuretics and antihistamines can cause false negatives.


What’s next?

If your pregnancy test reads negative but you believe you are pregnant, consider the following steps:

  • Your home pregnancy test is negative. This will be hard but wait for your next period. If it does not start, take another test in a few days or one week after your missed period.
  • Continue to receive negative test results but my period has not started. There are many factors that could lead to a missed period. Please, see a healthcare provider and have them perform a pregnancy blood test. If you are not pregnant, your healthcare provider can provide steps for you to get your cycle back on track.

Make an Appointment

If you feel worried about the accuracy of your home pregnancy test, make an appointment with us today. We provide free urine pregnancy tests performed by a medical professional, as well as ultrasounds to confirm your pregnancy. We welcome you to come in for our free services. No matter the results, there is no judgment and all information is kept strictly confidential. We are here to provide support to you during these planned and unplanned moments in your life.