Can I Be Pregnant If We Didn’t Have Sex?

This may seem like an odd question to some, but to others, it is a real worry. The reason we want to talk about it is simply because this question comes up a lot. So, don’t feel bad for wanting to know!

Young girls who have recently gone through puberty, or those who grew up in an environment where the subject of sexual relationships was “off limits” and never discussed, often wonder about this question. No one wants to be laughed at or made fun of, so it’s hard to talk about what really causes a pregnancy, for sure. Some girls feel like they have no one to talk to that they can really trust.

So, can a girl get pregnant if she didn’t have intercourse?

The truth is yes, but it is unlikely. Rumors about what causes pregnancy have always been around. You may have heard that you can get pregnant from rubbing up against another’s genitals, sitting down on the toilet seat after a man has used it, or just touching each other and getting aroused. The truth is, for a pregnancy to occur, all it takes is for a man’s semen to fertilize a woman’s egg. The chance of a pregnancy occurring without intercourse is very low, but there is still a risk. There is also a risk for the transmission of STDs to occur through skin to skin contact of the genital area as well as through bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal secretions even if intercourse did not occur.

“Have I gone too far?”

If you have recently experienced a new level of physical intimacy, you may wonder “Have I gone too far?” The question may be more of a spiritual question, than a physical one. If you get confused about the rules of dating and intimacy, and you aren’t sure what you are ready for or what is right for you, you need to take a step back and make sure that YOU are okay with where your dating life is headed. What does your heart tell you? Relying on your faith and your personal standards to help you make judgement calls will help in tough situations. As we get older, we have to make choices in our beliefs and values, and decide what is right for ourselves.

Where to get Answers?

If you have specific questions about a possible pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases, and you feel like you have no one to turn to, we can help you. Options Medical Clinic is available to give support to women and girls who have questions about STD’s and pregnancy. We understand that things can happen and we are not here to judge people that need assistance. If you are worried about being pregnant, please call us if you need help. We are here to give help and hope to women that need it, during a difficult time of life. Call 770.924.0864 or check out our website: