Can I go to School While I’m Pregnant?

If you are a student facing an unexpected pregnancy, you may not need to compromise your education goals. While pregnancy (especially an unexpected pregnancy) can feel particularly difficult for a student, it is still completely possible to complete an education even while pregnant or parenting. Although you may need to make adjustments to your schedule or graduation time table, attaining the highest levels of education is still something completely within your reach.

Will I be Able to Attend Class?

Absolutely! Unless your doctor has given you specific reasons not to, such as bed rest, there is no reason why you shouldn’t attend class regularly. Public schools are not allowed to deny you an education because you are pregnant – in fact, your school likely has a counselor or academic advisor who can help you with any special arrangements you may need. Ask a teacher or even the school nurse for help about who to talk to and what you should be prepared for.

What if I Drop Out?

There are many reasons why a pregnant young lady may temporarily stop taking classes, or even drop out of school altogether. Having to leave school is very discouraging, and is likely the main reason many women do not follow up and finish their degrees.

If circumstances prevent you from attending a traditional school, there are still resources to help continue your education. Online classes, hybrid and tutoring programs are great options that allow students to get a degree even if you are unable to attend class in person. If you feel worried you may not be able to complete your education on-campus, speak to your counselor about alternative options and create a game plan that will best fit your needs.

 Is it Too Late for Me?

Never! Even if you dropped out of school years ago, there are GED programs that can put you on the road to completing your education.

Having a high school diploma or GED can be the first step to setting up you and your family for success in the future. You can still attain a full education while pregnant or parenting. While the path may be difficult, the rewards will be even sweeter once you achieve your goals!

For advice on navigating through an unexpected pregnancy, or resources to help you throughout your pregnancy journey, the HOPE Center is here to help.