Are There More Options Than Abortion?

Are There More Options Than Abortion?

Discovering an unexpected pregnancy can be startling, and it may seem challenging to think about the choices in front of you. Initially, you might think abortion is your only option, but there are alternatives to consider: Both adoption and parenting are rewarding decisions that provide viable alternatives to abortion.

If you want to learn more about all of your options, you can talk with us at Options Medical Clinic in a safe and confidential environment. We provide free pregnancy services and resources to help you feel more equipped for what’s in front of you. Contact us for an appointment.


Modern adoption has become increasingly flexible, allowing birth mothers to choose everything from selecting families to the level of contact between you. It opens up new possibilities for children to find nurturing homes and gives families the opportunity to grow in a deeply meaningful way.

There are three types of adoption plans:

  1. Open Adoption: You can meet and choose the adoptive family before the child is born and share full names, addresses, and phone numbers to maintain a relationship.
  2. Closed Adoption: If you prefer no contact, an adoption agency will pick a family based on your preferences without sharing any personal details or facilitating any contact with the child.
  3. Semi-Open Adoption: This option allows for some communication with the adoptive family and your child via the adoption agency, but without sharing personal identifying information, offering more privacy than an open adoption.

You’re not “giving up” your child; rather, you’re giving adoptive parents the precious chance to nurture and love a child they may not have been able to have otherwise.


Thinking about parenting can be an emotional rollercoaster, often leaving you feeling overwhelmed or concerned about your readiness for the challenges and responsibilities. Many people share these feelings; it’s quite common to question your preparedness when considering it.

You don’t need to have all the answers from the start; parenting involves learning and growth. You can join support groups and access various resources that help you navigate the complexities of parenting.

We offer education on prenatal care, childbirth, and newborn care. We do more than just share information; we support you as part of our community. Our Parenting Program runs until your child’s second birthday, giving you the ongoing support you need to succeed as both a mother and as a woman.

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