Answers To Your Home Pregnancy Test Questions


If you have a suspicion that you may be pregnant, your knee-jerk reaction is likely to go to your local store and pick up a home pregnancy test. That’s a great place to start. Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding an at-home test:

How soon can I take a pregnancy test at home?

All store-bought tests are different, and some are more sensitive than others. Tests produce results by how much hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is found in your urine. Depending on how sensitive the home pregnancy test is will determine how early it will detect hCG. To get the best results, wait until at least one day after the first day of your missed period.

My home test says I’m pregnant, now what?

If your at-home pregnancy test is positive your next step should be to visit a pregnancy center or doctor for a pregnancy test and, if positive, an ultrasound. An ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy and estimate the gestational age of the baby. Since about 20% of pregnancies miscarry spontaneously, these are important next steps following a home pregnancy test.

At Options Medical Clinic we offer free pregnancy testing and you’ll get results immediately. Call 770-924-0864 to make an appointment.

My at-home test says I’m not pregnant, but could I be?

Yes, it is possible that you could still be pregnant if the home test comes up negative. You could have taken the test too early, be experiencing an abnormal pregnancy, or are ovulating at a different time in your cycle. We recommend waiting a couple of days and then taking another test. Each day your hCG level will increase, so the test will be more likely to pick up on those levels after a couple of days have passed.

Can anything alter my test results?

Yes, it is possible to have a false-positive. If you’re currently taking medication that contains the hCG hormone, this can cause the test to show as positive even when you are not pregnant.

The best way to ensure accurate results is to visit a pregnancy center or doctor. Contact Options Medical Clinic to make your free pregnancy test appointment.