Adoption – Is it the choice for you?

You’re pregnant. Breathe in. Breathe out.

There are many decisions that come with pregnancy. One may be that you don’t feel ready to take on the responsibility of a child. That’s perfectly okay. You have choices. Your pregnancy choices include parenting your baby, adoption, or abortion.

These choices aren’t simply black and white, and we know that. These decisions are complex and hard to make, especially when others may be trying to influence your decision.

The decision is ultimately yours. Here are a few things to consider while trying to decide how to handle your pregnancy:


When considering adoption, you may feel like you personally aren’t ready to be a parent, however you may not want to have an abortion. There is nothing wrong with feeling unprepared for parenthood. It is important to think about your future goals and whether or not a child will truly hinder those goals, or just make them a little more difficult to achieve. The answer to this question may be a deciding factor on whether or not adoption is the route to take for your pregnancy.

Your Relationships

While you’re attempting to make a decision about adoption, you may have a significant other, a relative, friend, stranger, or what feels like a thousand other people telling you what you should do. These relationships have a large impact on you and your baby, especially when you are in the decision-making process. You may feel alone and not ready to raise a child without help or support from others, or you may be in an abusive relationship where you and your child could be in danger. However, you are not alone! We provide a safe space to discuss the choices you have, including adoption, and can provide you resources, information, and support.

Your Environment

Many factors in your life are important to a child’s development. This includes financial and emotional stability. Consider the stability of your home life and if it is the proper environment to raise a child. If any of these are something you worry you’d be unable to provide for your child, adoption could be a choice for you to consider.

Your Child

No matter what your reason for possibly choosing adoption, you’ll want your child to live a happy and healthy life where he or she is properly cared for. When placing your child for adoption, you can decide how involved you want to be in your child’s future and with the family you potentially choose for him or her.

No matter what you choose, Options Medical Clinic is here to provide support and help you through the decision making process. We have resources to guide you through these difficult decisions as well as adoption agencies we can refer you to if you decide adoption is the right path for you. You can call 770.924.0864 for an appointment or contact us online.