3 Questions To Ask About Abortions

abortion questions

Are you pregnant, or think you might be? If so, your next step is to determine the choices you have for you and your baby, as well as how you should proceed. You have options, and abortion is one of those. To determine if an abortion is the right choice for you, first know the answers to these questions so that you may make an informed decision:

1) Are you really pregnant? If yes, how far along are you?

The first step is to get a pregnancy test by a medical professional to ensure if you are indeed pregnant. Options Medical Clinic offers free pregnancy testing. If the results come back positive, you’ll then need an ultrasound to know how far along you are in your pregnancy. Because there are different types of abortion options throughout different stages of pregnancy, you’ll need this information to know which type of abortion you’d have if this is the route you select. An ultrasound can also reveal a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, which would require you to seek further medical care and eliminate the need to make a decision about your pregnancy,

 2) Based on the results of how far along you are, ask what type of abortion options you’d have.

If you’re in your first trimester, 1-12 weeks along, the method options include the abortion pill (through ten weeks), vacuum method, or dilation and curettage method.
In the second trimester, 13-28 weeks along, the method options are dilation and curettage method or dilation and evacuation.

3) Ask about possible side effects.

As with any medical drug or procedure, there are side effects and dangers to consider. Common side effects of abortion include:
o Excessive bleeding
o Incomplete abortion
o Internal infection
o Cramping
o Allergic reaction to medication
o Diarrhea
o Fever
o Nausea

Options Medical Clinic is an excellent resource for education and to help you make a decision. With free testing, ultrasounds, and counseling we’re here for you! Make a free appointment today.