Navigating Relationships in Light of An Unexpected Pregnancy

After a positive pregnancy test, one of your first concerns may be how this change will affect your relationships. Your life is potentially being shared now, not just by you and your baby but also your partner. The sudden, unexpected change in these dynamics can easily strain a relationship.

Just like in your pregnancy, the key to success in your relationship is to be prepared. Planning for stressful situations before they arise will help you handle them together.

Expectations from Friends/Family

Whether your friends are encouraging you to be a single mom or your family has hinted that they’d love to plan a wedding, it’s common for people close to you to unintentionally add pressure to define a relationship during this time.

Have an honest discussion with your partner about where you stand with your relationship, and understand that it’s ok to do what makes the most sense for you.

Being pregnant and raising a baby is a major life change – do not put yourself into a situation that may add more stress.


It’s natural to experience grief for the life you had planned for yourself which has now been turned upside down. However, don’t take this out on your partner. You both should recognize when you are truly frustrated versus when you are projecting your anger due to your current situation onto your partner. Be aware of these emotions to prevent unnecessary strain on your relationship.


Doctor visits, baby supplies, vitamin supplements… everything that comes with having a baby can be expensive. Don’t wait until the baby arrives to start planning your future financially. Be proactive and create a realistic budget for yourself. Communicate with your partner and together determine what financial goal is most important to each of you. Communication is one of the key ingredients to a healthy relationship.

Don’t Do it Alone

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to manage the stress alone. When in doubt, talk to someone. If you’re unable to talk to your partner, there are other resources in your area. Get in touch with us and let Options Medical Clinic come alongside you.