Is Online or At-Home Abortion Safe?

Is Online or At-Home Abortion Safe?

You may have seen some recent news developments in terms of being able to get online or at-home abortions from pharmacies. Before beginning any medical treatment, it is essential to your health to understand all of the potential health effects that might be associated with it. 

The Mayo Clinic affirms that risks associated with an online or at-home abortion are: 

  • An incomplete abortion that requires surgery
  • Ongoing pregnancy
  • Abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding
  • Infection/fever
  • Gastrointestinal discomfort

What Is an At-Home or Online Abortion?

More commonly known as the abortion pill, at-home or online abortions consist of a two-step drug regimen to chemically end a viable pregnancy. Also known as a medical abortion, the two drugs used in the process are mifepristone and misoprostol. 

Mifepristone is the first drug that is taken and works to block progesterone, an essential hormone in the normal development of a pregnancy. Once progesterone is blocked, the walls of the uterus begin to thin, causing the fetus to detach. 

Next, Misoprostol is taken to induce contractions to expel the fetus and pregnancy tissue from the body through the vagina. 

I Am Considering an At-Home Abortion, What Should I Do First?

Prior to any medical procedure or treatment, it is paramount to speak with a trusted pregnancy clinic or medical provider to answer any questions that you may have and help you learn about your options, their potential impact on your future, and any alternatives that may be available.

It is also important to consider if your health status may inhibit you from seeking a medical abortion. According to the Mayo Clinic, some at-home abortion disqualifications include:

  • Being too far along in your pregnancy
  • Having an IUD in place
  • Have a suspected ectopic pregnancy
  • Have specific medical conditions, like bleeding disorders; certain heart or blood vessel diseases; severe liver, kidney, or lung disease; or an uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  • Take blood thinners
  • Are unable to make follow-up appointments or don’t have access to emergency medical care
  • Have allergies to medications utilized

For these reasons, it must be stressed that reviewing your medical history with a complete physical examination with a trusted medical provider is essential to ensure that your health is protected.

Questions? You owe it to yourself to get all of the answers and information that you need in order to feel confident in your decision. Schedule a free and confidential pregnancy test and ultrasound with us today so that you can verify your pregnancy, protect your health, and better understand all of your options. You’re not alone and we’re here to walk alongside you on this journey.